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Lauzon Sound is a recognized name in both commercial and residential automation. For over 40 years, we have been helping clients envision the potential of their home or business and turning it into a reality.

The Lauzon family has proudly serviced families and businesses within the community for 3 generations, and has been a trusted name for many people who have welcomed us into their home or office. We take pride in every step of our installation, from the pre-wire, activating the system, and support afterwards. We treat each installation as if it were our own, and ensure our clients feel confident every step of the way.

Lauzon Sound has worked with all types of automation products, which allows us to give each client exactly what they need. Every client envisions their home differently, which means every client’s needs are different. Today’s technology has allowed us to incorporate many components into homes without detracting from design goals. Whether it be a basic home theatre system, or complete home automation, our design team can help take your ideas and make it a reality.


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