Producer Collection

Two in One

In certain locations a pair of speakers may be impractical. The Producer collection offers two Dual –Tweeter versions that play both left and right channels from the same loudspeaker. These are perfect for bathrooms, laundry rooms or walk-in closets.

Two in One Producer Collection
Origin Acoustics Producer Collection

Fitting In

Depending on room size, architectural features and performance requirements, the need for speakers in different shapes and sizes becomes quite necessary. With over 40 different choices in the Origin line there is a perfect option for every application regardless of the room or the interior design.


The Ultimate Collection

Making speakers to be heard and not seen has been our passion for decades. Once installed the only visible element is the grille that is magnetically attached to the speaker. The ultra-fine perforation pattern and incredibly thin outer bezel in the Producer Collection hide the speaker and blend discreetly into any décor leaving nothing but an almost imperceptible shadow.

Origin Acoustics Grille vs. Competitors