SpeakerCraft Multi-Room Home Audio & Video Control

SpeakerCraft multi-room audio control integrates your whole home audio

SpeakerCraft multi-room audio control integrates your whole home audio with home theater control and access to your streaming services. The SpeakerCraft App lets you conveniently manage it all from your hand-held remote, convenient in-wall touch panel or your favorite mobile device.

Set up to six audio sources to play simultaneously in different rooms or experience uninterrupted enjoyment across your entire home from a single source. The intuitive user interface renders identically across devices and sets the MRA-664 apart from controllers driven by universal remotes. Content may be managed from the SpeakerCraft handheld remote, keypad or touch panel designed specifically for this controller, as well as from any iPhone®, iPad®, Android® device, or Windows® or Mac® computer.

SpeakerCraft MRA-664 Home Audio & Video Control
SpeakerCraft SC2-150 Home Audio & Video Control

User Interfaces

The intuitive hand-held remote, touch panels and keypad deliver multi-room audio control to wherever you are, inside or out.

The System

The NEW SpeakerCraft MRA-664 is the whole home audio controller that delivers up to half a dozen unique music sources for amazing sound in every room of the house. This MRA is the first to integrate multi-room audio along with home theater control in a way that is simple to set up and brilliant to listen to.

A job that might have once required hours of programming has been distilled down to a simple execution. For larger homes, two MRAs can be paired to create a six-source, 12-zone system. That means 12 rooms with music porting into each of them. Additionally, all zones are equipped with fixed or variable pre-outs, making it simple to add power and volume with one of our new SpeakerCraft Amplifiers (SC2-50, SC2-100, SC2-150, SC12-30, or SC16-50).

SpeakerCraft User Interface

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