home-ownerAt Lauzon Sound we live and breath custom home automation. We also live for the warm sound of music and we know you do too.

If you love music and simplicity of control as much as we do, why settle for the old generation of playback products, the bulkiness of on floor speaker boxes to amplifiers, to control the systems.

At Lauzon Sound, we can even make your automation completely invisible. First and most importantly, it is designing the blend of sound and video to your lifestyle. What you want to listen to and the rooms that you have selected. Do you add audio to your outdoor Patio. What are the TV locations. What room qualifies for Home Theatre or when setting up other TV locations, what rooms do you apply a simple 2.1 surround sound for better audio. What is conventional style of house audio in comparison to multi room, multi source control. When one of our specialists work with you, we target to stay in your budget and offer the perfect fit for what you require.


designersHow Did We Live Without It Music, Video, Communications transforms a house into a home. As TV’s continue to get thinner and more affordable, consumer demand is increasing. So, before you design your next home, consider what kind of entertainment system will best compliment your stunning design. Embrace the ability of integrating wireless solutions in the communication aspect throughout. Give video an entire new forum by adding social networking, sports, news and movie streaming from the internet or PC control to all the TV locations. Even add the simplicity of controlling lighting, security, doorbell intercom and IP camera monitoring as your options.
Lauzon Sound provides easy-to-install and operate solutions that are affordable. Our many years of bringing entertainment to the home lets you create smarter, more sophisticated home and give your clients the high-tech solutions they crave, with simplicity and cost they demand.


construction siteCustom A/V installers are the heart and soul of automated homes. Everything Lauzon Sound offers is devoted to building a working relationship with our Contractors to help bring the magic of music and entertainment to more clients.

We know hoe important client relationship are and we want to help make each and every client you meet a client for life. The better you get to know the person you are servicing early on in the relationship, the more you can build on the foundation and establish an amazing relationship. It is Lauzon Sounds job to understand, qualify and fulfill the home owners needs. In this business we often don’t sell to their needs but, to the level of technology they feel comfortable with or to the price points that we all can afford ourselves.


  • Differentiate your project without delaying the building
  • State of the Art Design Centre to present and feature all of our automation
  • We offer High Performance Audio and Video at affordable prices
  • We are impeccable in pre-wiring a home to last 25 years and more.
  • We stand behind our installations with no limitation of time
  • We guarantee satisfaction right from the preliminary to the finishing